we are providing telecom Rental Equipment Services in over All kingdom our All Equipments Are Calibrated Below maintion list Of Equipment .

""":: EXFO. CD PMD ANALYZER SET ::::::*****

(3) EXFO CD MODULE FTB-5800 CD Analyzer
Complete Set source ,Cd & Pmd calibrated Avalable

:* ::::( EXFO OTDR LIST )::::::*

(1) EXFO OTDR FTB 7200D, 23b-1310nm,1550nm
(2) EXFO OTDR FTB 7200D-12CD-23B SM,MM OTDR 1310nm,1550nm, MM wavelenghts 850nm,1300nm
(3) EXFO OTDR FTB 7300E-234b
(4)EXFO OTDR FTB 7300E 236B- 1310nm,1490nm,1550nm,
(5) EXFO OTDR FTB7400E - 23B -1310nm,1550nm
(6) EXFO OTDR FTB7400E-2347B 1310nm,1383nm,1550nm,1625nm
(7) EXFO OTDR FTB 7600E 34B 1550nm,1625nm 50dB,48.5 dB dynamic Range
Note :with 7600E we can test sm cable upto 180km

"":: EXFO POWER METER & Light source"""

(1) FPM 600 sm, mm wavelenghts
(2) FLS 600 12cd -23b sm,mm wave lenghts Mm wave lenghts 850nm,1300nm,
Sm wavelenghts 1310nm,1550nm
(3) EXFO MAX TESTER FOT 930 (Bi Directional) 1310nm,1550nm
(4) EXFO MAX TESTER FOT 930 (Bi Directional ) 1310nm,1550nm,1625nm

Note : with Fot 930 max tester we can Test sm cable upto 230km with 100% perfect Results .

'""""""::;;;FUJIKURA SPLICING MACHINE ::::"""""
(1) Fujikura FSM -60S & Fujikura 60R
(2) Fujikura FSM -70S
(3) Fujikura FSM -80S

''''::::::;;;;;SUMITOMO SPLICING MACHINE::::;,,,,

(1) Sumitomo T71C
(2) Sumitomo T71C+
(3) Sumitomo 72C


(1) Fluke Tester Cable Analyzer DTX -1800 UTP CAT6, UTP CAT 6A , Sm module 1310nm,1550nm & Mm module 850nm,1300nm Calibrated complete Set .

(2) FLUKE Tester Cable Analyzer DSX5000
UTP cat6 ,Cat 6A , Sm Fiber module ,mm fiber module complete set Calibrated available.

:::::::fiber 'USED EQUIPMENT FOR SALE ;;;;;;;;;;

Fluke Tester DTX 1800 with Utp CAT6 Cat 6A Plc Adapter with sm,mm fiber Module for Sale
very good working condation & Cat 6A plc adapter sm,mm module Complete set 20,000 SAR .

( 1 ) Fujikura 60s Splicing Machine Calibrated with standard Accesries Battry ,charger,clever Power cord ,charging cord Etc
Note : fujikura 60s machine New and used both available .

(2 ) Light Source AFL Noyes Made in USA Calibrated Model: OLS2 DAUL Wave lenghts 1310nm,1550nm .
Note:new and used both available .

( 3 ) Power Meter AFL Noyes Calibrated
Made in USA Model OPM5 3D SIngle mode and Multimode wavelenghts 850nm,1300nm,1310nm,1490nm,1550nm,1625nm.
note : Used and new both available .

(2) OTDR AFL Noyes Made in USA model OFL:280-103 Calibrated with 3 wavelenghts 1310nm,1550nm,1625nm with additional option light source ,power meter and lazer light .

2nd OTDR AFL Noyes made in USA Calibrated model OFL 280 102 with 3 wave lenghts 1310nm,1550nm,1490nm with additional option light source , Power meter lazer light ..
used and new both available ..

(3) EXFO OTDR Calibrated Ftb 200 v2 with sm,mm wavelenghts 850nm,1300 nm ,1310nm,1550 nm

(4) EXFO FTB 1 OTDR Calibrated With 3 wavelenghts 1310nm 1550nm,1625nm live fiber testing and lazer light and power meter ..option

( 5 ) EXFO Light Source and power meter Calibrated model FPM 600 Power meter SM,MM and FLS 600 Light source sm,mm 850nm,1300nm .
1310nm,1550nm, wavelenghts .

(6) Fluke Tester Calibrated DTX1800 UTP Cat6A & Single mode and multi mode Calibrated module .

(6) Fujikura 70s Splicing Machine with ct 06 , clever 17,000 Sar with All standard accesries battry ,charger ,power cable ,Spare electrode Etc warrenty and Calibration one Year valid new machine ..
( 11 ) fujikura 70s with Ct 30 clever 17,000 Sar and all standard accesries battry ,charger ,Spare Electrode ,Cleaver ,power cord, Etc
warrenty and Calibration one year Valid ..

( 7 ) Fujikura Splicing machine 60s,70s,80s Original Electrode Made in japan available only 350 Sar each set .

FUJIKURA 60S ,70S & 80S. BATTRY ,Charger available

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