SAR 60 / Indian School - Class V - USB - E-Class for CBSC=Tutor Free=

Skylearning Institute - India prepared
USB -Loaded Animated interactive classes

Pls whatsapp or call on 0571331689.

Combo Pack (English, Maths, Science, Hindi Vyakaran, Computer, G.K., EVS, Social Science, French)===CBSC===Only good for Indian Students.

U can put this USB in your Laptop or Desktop or DVD Player and Child will learn the animated class lectures of any subject and any lesson along with practice tests.

It is really a wonderful experience.
Because of audio visual animated course study - it is very easy to grasp by kids.
It is very worthy.

Please pay 60SAR and take the USB.

My house is behind Kabayan Supermarket.
Road Number 2 and King Saud Street - Sumalia-Khobar
Pls come and collect.
Before coming Pls whatsapp or call on 0571331689.