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Are you Purchasing a used car ? Is the Test Drive Enough ?

Reveal the Hidden Problems Such As
Major Accident History.
Live Engine and Transmission Data retrieval for Performance and potential problems

Advanced Vehicle Diagnostic and Programming Services

Stop guessing and start assessing! Know what is going on with your vehicle so you can make an educated decision.
Before making expensive, doubtful,and Blindly estimated repairs get your car scanned by Service Center Level professional scanner.
Get professional scanning of your Cars of any brand since 1989 to 2017.
Random problems with or without check engine light.
Ford Special Random Misfire analysis.

Automatic Transmission Analysis
Program Automatic Transmission after Repair / Replacement

Diagonistics service available on Hyundai, KIA, Toyota, Lexus, Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, Honda and Nissan.
Car Computer Repairs.