External Cradle RENTAL Services - Daily - Weekly - Monthly Basis

39661095 -- 35128258

External Cradle RENTAL - Daily - Weekly - Monthly

Cradle for Rent
Daily, Weekly & Monthly Basis
Multi Storey Building Exterior Cleaning, Painting, Tiles Fixing, Plastering, Glass Changing,
Sign Board Fixing & Exterior Maintenance for Multi Storey Building.

From 2 Mtr to 10 Mtr Length Available
4 x 100mtr Steel Wire Rope
100Mtr Electric Power Supply
Safety Lock & Insurance
Galvanized Suspension
Cast iron counter weight with Schneider components
Cradle Operator Available

Cradle for Rent (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)

Different Sizes Cradle Available

Building Cleaning (External, Internal)

Building Glass Cleaning (External )

39661095 -- 35128258