If you would like to raise capital for your business so why not become your own investors, please do let me know I can be very helpful to you guys as I am certified ethereuem block chain developer and I can create new cryptocurrency based on ERC20 standard for you along with proper ICO(multi tier) in very reasonable price.History tell us when bitcoin was started it was just like 1 btc = 1 cent and now you can see yourself and its coin market capital is in trillions of dollars.

I have attached the new cryptocurrency tokenomics pdf file that explain what would be the token name , symbol,market cap, gtotal supply and also most important total capital that we can raise.Please note we can also change these specifications according to the owner requirement. Thank you

Recently I have deployed the following smart contracts on main net and also on rinkeby testing network and have good client base through out the world

My Work/Portfolio

1) IndomieCoin (Main net)

2) My own coin - JawadToken coin(Rinkeby testing network)

3) InfernoCoin (Main net)

4)Tech Coin(Main net)

5) ICO website i setup for one of my client.
I have created token as NeoTk for my client on rinkeby ethereum testing network and also setup ICO in which i have bought around 21000 tokens from my neofilm investor wallet before shooting the video and note that 1000 NeoTk = 1 ether.In video I am purchasing 1000 token more.Please check video link and also description.

6) ICO website

Video Link

In this video link , I am showing 2 wallets one is of neofilms/ico owner and it has around 1.7 ethers.Second one is of investor who will buy the tokens he has few ethers in his wallet beside 2100 NeoTk that i already purchased before making this video.I have also shown the transactions that took place on ethereum testing network specially tokenname contract and also owner contract transactions.

After that I am buying 1000 Neotk from neofilms investor wallet and as i bought 1000 tokens now total token it is showing is 3100 Neotk on ico webpage and also in the wallet.At the same time after purchase, 1 ether is also added up into the neofilms owner/ico wallet and now new balance is 2.7 ethers.

Many more...

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