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• Complete Design and selection of exhaust fans, centrifugal fans, axial flow fan, and duct inline fan.
• Design and drafting ducting, pipe sizing for with complete valve and fitting, pipe size calculation chilled water circuit to AHU, pipe sizing for VRV/VRF.
• Designed and modeled HVAC systems using Revit and AutoCAD software.
• Selection of indoor and outdoor units according to calculated CFM & TR UAT
• Selection diffuser, grill and gauge of G.I sheet, calculation of no. of G.I sheets required, selection of AHU after static pressure calculation.
• Calculation of duct sizes, Design & Drafting of all type of split a/c, preparation of duct layout with supply and return diffusers.
• BOQ preparation for pre-tendering & post-tendering contracts
• Installation, testing & commissioning of HVAC system.
• Heating & Cooling load calculation
• Quantity surveying
• Air Distribution System
 Duct Designing
 Different Types of Ducting
 Design parameters for Ducting
 Duct Routing and Sizing
 Constant Friction Method
 Velocity Reduction Method
 Supply and Return Air Openings
 Different Types of accessories
 Different Types of Insulation
 Constant and Variable Air Volume systems

• Excellent technical appreciation
• Read and understand construction plans.