Logistic & Warehousing Executive:From 04, 11, 2015 & Current
Assignments Under Taken
At Oriental Press Bahrain here my responsibility to check and update all inventory
and keep record maintain & collect ready goods with their concern documents and
make arrangement for shipping. Responsibilities are as below:
• Ensuring & maintaining inventory level for all items as per schedule
• Keep accepted material at designated locations & Damaged Paper at another location
• Inventory Reports on Slow Moving/Non-Moving/Hold, Rejected Materials
• Cycle counts/Physical stock Vs. Book Stock
• Maintaining an accurate inventory of all Raw Materials
• Issued material from stores against Material request slips (MRS) as approved by
Responsible managers
• Maintained filing system and records as necessary for material traceability and control
• Preparation of Insurance Claim Report & Intimation to surveyor for Inspection and complete
Process Insurance claim
• Check the Quality of Papers & Inspect the Size, Width, Weight, and GSM & Bulk of Paper
• Preparation of Quality Report of Paper, Chemical, Inks etc.
• In Computer, creating new stock code for the new items. Making group of stocks and
transfer the
goods from one location to another location as per the requisition as well as making
documents for
transferred goods.
• Maintained good housekeeping in all stores areas.
• Checking and inspecting goods received and ensuring they are of accurate quantity, type,
and also
acceptable quality
• Book shipments and liaise with freight forwarders to ensure timely deliveries of all customer
• Regularly updated receivers on vessel positions and estimated time of cargo arrival at
• Co-ordinate with freight forward Agent.
• Arrange the loading of container for sea or packing of pallet for air.

Senior Supply Chain Officer: From 05, 06, 2010 To 30,09,2015
At Rahman Medical Institute here my responsibility to check out all the error and
mistakes all the store below documents:
• MRF (Material Requisition Form)
• PRF (Purchase Requisition Form)
• Receiving of Goods as per PO
• Send the Demo/Samples to End user for technical approval
• Negotiation with suppliers for wrong supply and price defenses
• Material keep updated as per physical and system record
• Issuing of material as per end user request & email
• SIN (Stock issuing Note)