I am a Jordanian looking for a full time job. Holding B.Sc degree in industrial Engineering

Scientific Knowledge:-
1. Project Management Engineering
2. Safety Engineering and Management
3. Human Resource
4. Quality Assurance

Engineering Computer Skills:-
1. Drawing on AutoCAD
2. Solid work
3. Microsoft Office

• Assist in the installation, maintenance, and repair of machinery.
• Control and adjust machine settings (e.g. speed)
• Feed raw material or parts to semi-automated machines
• Operate/Monitor tools in order to aid in the manufacturing process to ensure quality production and minimal unplanned stops.
• Perform periodic checks on equipment and solve problems as detected.
• Check output to spot any machine-related mistakes or flaws
• Work with others in order to ensure that equipment is in proper working order at high quality levels with minimal wasted time and materials.
• Observe and follow company safety rules and regulations.
• Inspect parts with precision and measuring tools
• Maintain activity logs