Civil Engineering Graduate (
Working as Project Engineer
4.5 Years Experience in total (3 years in Bahrain)
Currently available in Bahrain
Expected salary 400BHD

[Interested in QS job as well even though no previous experience as full time QS. but confident about fulfilling the duties and responsibilities with little guidance to get familiar with a QS's job environment and documentation standards
Expected salary as QS: 300BHD]

[Also interested in an entry level position as planning engineer even though no previous experience in planning engineer's job.Familiar with Microsoft Project and presently trying to learn the software more.
Expected Salary as Planning Engineer(Entry level job): 250BHD]

Experience Summary:

2016 May- Present: Working with a reputed Construction/Landscaping/Maintenance company in Bahrain. Joined as a site engineer and presently working as Project Engineer in charge since last one year.

2015 Nov- 2016 April : Working with a reputed engineering consultancy in Bahrain as Site Engineer

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