We are giving away our 2- year old male and female Shihtzu dogs for sale as unfortunately, our current residence does not permit pets. So here is a little bit about them.

Our male is named Star. He is extremely lovable even though he is shy at first. He is mat- trained. He loves to play a lot with his ball or rope as well as having evening walks. When it comes to food, he loves chicken, bread, curd and rice, lettuces, carrots, eggs, sausages and any meat items. However, nuts, chocolates or any items found online harmful to dogs must be avoided. He is vaccinated already. He is very shy when it comes to meeting people, however once he gets attached to you, you mean the world to him.

Our female dog is named Pichu. She had given birth once. She too is very playable despite her giving birth and like Star, enjoys walks at all times. She loves sausages and curd and rice and chicken or any meat item as well. Eggs are her favorite as well. She too loves munching on lettuces. She is trained to do her potty outdoors.

We are extremely sad to give them away, however, we are left with no choice.

We are looking for only serious buyers and I must stress on that, as they mean the world to us. So any person or family that can provide them good care and give them so much of love would be considered. Also, we prefer families more.

Please note that they are each 80 BD and not priced together. You may either buy them separately or together. However, it would be nice if they were bought together as they grew up together.

Kindly whatsapp in 36698317 - or call me at 39411942 - if interested or for further inquiries.

Bahrain, Pet Adoption, Male and Female Shihtzu Dogs for SaleBahrain, Pet Adoption, Male and Female Shihtzu Dogs for SaleBahrain, Pet Adoption, Male and Female Shihtzu Dogs for Sale