To start Accounting with Tally, the first thing is you should know is, how to create a company in Tally.ERP9. For users operating multiple businesses can create several companies in Tally software.

Here are some steps to create a new company in Tally:

• Double click to open Tally software.
• If you are opening Tally ERP 9 for the first time after installation, then you will be landed to a menu called company info menu.
• If you are in Gateway of Tally Press Alt+F3 to get that Company menu.
• Select Company creation and press “Enter”.
• The screen displayed in front of you will be “Company Creation Screen”.
• Type the name of the company, address, financial year and all other details mentioned in the creation screen.
• Press the “Enter” Key.
• Finally, the program will ask you for the confirmation to save, “Yes” or “No”.
• To save the new company press “Enter”. Click to enter in the new company.

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