Bank ledgers contain relevant information about a bank that you use to make or receive payments. You can provide information such as Bank name, Account no., IFS code, and address while creating bank ledgers.

To create a bank ledger:

1. Enter Gateway of Tally -> Accounts Info. -> Ledgers -> Create.

2. Enter the Name of the bank for the bank ledger.

3. Select Bank Account from the List of Groups, in the under field.

4. Provide the following details in Bank Accounts details:

• A/C holder's name - It prefills the company name; however, you can alter this name by pressing Backspace.
• A/c no. - Provide the account number of your bank.
• IFS code - Provide the IFS code for your bank.
• Bank name - Select the bank name from the List of Banks.

The Ledger Creation screen appears.

5. Under Bank Configuration:

• Enable Set cheque books. Enter the details of the cheque range in the Cheque Book Management screen.
• Enable Set cheque printing configuration? to Yes. Refer to the topic Setting up Cheque Printing Configuration in Bank Ledger for more details.

One bank ledger may have multiple cheque books. If you enter a cheque number that already exists in another cheque range, the error message for the entered cheque range is overlapping with the existing cheque range is displayed.

• Enter the correct cheque numbers and press Enter to navigate to the Ledger Creation screen.
• Set Enable auto reconciliation to Yes to reconcile the bank accounts by importing the bank statements.
• Enabling Set/alter auto BRS configuration opens the Location of Bank Statements screen. Specify the path for Location and Location of imported bank statements.
• Enable e-Payments: This option is applicable only for banks supported for electronic modes of payment.

6. Enter the Name, Address, State and Pin code in the Mailing Details section.

7. Press “Enter” or “Y” to accept and save the party ledger.

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