For creating a Purchase Order in Tally.ERP9:

Go to Gateway of Tally -> Inventory Vouchers -> press Alt + F4 or click on Purchase Order

Party's A/c Name: Select the Supplier name from the Accounting Books. For creating a new account, use Alt + C.

Order No: Enter the purchase order number according to the Order No column.

Name of the Item: Select the Stock Item to be purchased from the list of Inventory Items. The Item Allocation sub-screen is displayed.

Due on: Enter the due date for items to be purchased. It follows these outstanding receipts.

If the orders are reserved for different dates, specify the end date for the first lot to be taken after selecting the amount, rate and quantity; same Specify the due date for the second party.

After specifying the end dates of all purchase orders, press “Enter” in the Delivery field to return to the Create Voucher screen.

Quantity, Rate and Amount: Enter the amount and rate of the required item. The amount will be calculated automatically. Accept “Yes” to “Save“.

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