By default, the Tally .NET user is authorized to enter data, but has restricted access to the company data.

However, the system administrator can change the access controls of Tally .NET user based on the requirement.

Any user created under these security levels require Tally .NET authentication to access data.

You need to authorize the Tally .NET users to access your company data remotely, and assign required permission levels.

To authorize a Tally .NET user:

1. Enter Gateway of Tally -> F3: Company Info -> Security Control -> Users and Passwords. The Users for Company screen appears.

2. Select Tally .Net User in the field Security Level.

3. Enter the e-mail ID in the field Username.

4. Set the option Allow Remote Access to Yes.

5. Set the option Allow Local TDL to "Yes" to allow the remote user to access local TDLs.

6. Press Enter to save the security level assigned to Tally .NET User.

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