Am a Kenyan female ,age 25 physical appearance athletic, dark skin color, 5'6 height
Seeking a nanny job any town in Bahrain on a full-time basis.

I have got 5years experience in gulf countries .
Speak fluent English
Advance firstaid and CPR training
Can do Nanny and housekeeping too
Skills:-flexibility, adaptability,ability to multitask,high energy level and planning and organising skills.

Duties and responsibility:

-Maintaining cleanliness of the children's toys,room
-washing and ironing children's clothes and beddings
-Reading to and with the children
-playing with the children
-Helping with homework and tutoring
-children laundry and ironing
For more information you can call or WhatsApp me anytime

Looking for a long-term employment
Job status:currently employed
Salary expectation from 200bd plus a day off.