A Journey of healing.
About this Event
Healing starts from within and to do so you need to dive in deep to rejuvenate your mind and body through getting you connected to your inner intuition and higher self. This spiritual journey of emotional healing can help restore your energy.

Take a moment for you to be able to heal through a holistic overall wellbeing approach, to recharge and revive your spirit by renewing yourself in luxurious surroundings.

In this retreat you will be able to focus on your emotional healing, improve your health and well-being and help restore your soul.

We brought to you professionals from different fields like healers, personal trainers, yoga instructors, nutritionists, health coaches, life coaches and more to make this a one of a kind experience.

This journey will let you return home feeling internally calm, strong, happier and a better positive prospective.

This event is also dedicated to support in Autism & to shed light on both autistic kids, along with the challenges parents face & go through.

Rise Wellness Retreat schedule will includes: Sunrise & Sunset Mediation & Yoga

Educational workshops: Nutritional, Mental & Physical Health, Fitness.

Workouts: Bootcamp, Zumba, Afro Beat, Tabata, Body weight training.

Healing Therapy: Inner peace, Light & Sound healing, Pranic Healing.

And much more.

Prices & packages

3 days with sleepover - 390BD (195BD per person) for both couples or shared room & 260BD for singles.

3 days without sleepover - 300BD (150BD per person) for both couples or shared room & 200BD for singles.

2 days with sleepover - 270BD (135BD per person) for both couples or shared room & 170BD for singles.

2 days without sleepover - 240BD (120BD per person) for both couples or shared room & 140BD for singles.


To register;

Mobile: +973-39997989

Email: [email protected]