Sales Register displays the monthly summary of sales transactions and closing balances. The list of transactions pertaining to each month can be viewed by selecting that month. You can change the display according to the information required.

The period of the report and the content details can be modified. Columnar periodic reports can be generated using Alt+N: Auto Column for different periods as shown by the columnar details list. You can also compare similar data of two or more companies stored in the same data directory.

With the sales register you can:

• Analyze the periodic turnover using the option F2: Period.
• Compute the periodic taxes on such turnovers.
• Trace the errors made while recording the transactions.
• Analyze the sales returns during the year and take timely action to remove undesirable causes.
• Analyze the performance of Godown, salesperson, sales area, and so on, with the help of cost center and cost category report.

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