A critical success factor in the VAT application will be to gain the skills to work with the right knowledge in the coming months. With this in mind, Manal Technology has prepared a package of appropriate VAT courses covering the basics of new VAT legislation, its impact on business and the technical and financial aspects required to manage these changes.

VAT suggests that entering the Gulf Cooperation Council's (GCC) single life will bring difficulties to businesses operating in the region, because the value-added tax (VAT) will affect all parts of your business organization. A well-planned and enforced GCC VAT implementation will ensure that companies benefit from continuous risk management and cash flow management.

We offer training on GCC VAT in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our VAT courses provide a comprehensive understanding of the VAT system, which includes the basic principles of VAT, regulation, management, guidance on the interpretation and consistent implementation of the GCC VAT legislation.

Our experts bring knowledge and practical experience from working in leading organizations, including on-site VAT systems and many jurisdictions, to get an idea of the commercial and practical realities of working with VAT. These courses equip you and your workforce with knowledge, skills and confidence.

For more information about GCC VAT Training in Saudi Arabia, please contact our team of experts on 00966-583117703 or log on to the website at http://manalpro.com/tally/tally-vat-training-gcc-vat/.
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