Hello Dear,

I am a Saudi citizen with a BA in Business Administration from America and Master in International Relations. I have private workers that I do not want to disclose now and other special relationships that may be supportive to you in your business. If you are ready to start a business or move to a better sponsor You have the full potential of relationships, marketing and investment, and all you are looking for is a safe guarantor who works with ease and has great relationships in government and the ability to overcome obstacles and many difficult to explain to all now. You will never regret dealing with me
Please seriously and do not contact me unless you are 100% Sure

the conditions
1 - Indian nationality or Basktani nationality only.
2 - honest and has the full potential (relationships, investment, etc.) manages the work alone without asking for me help Except in emergency cases only.
3 - He can transfer his sponsorship or exit and return.
ًwhat'sApp or call 0507712465