Are you looking to get your child out of the monotonous tuition routine? Your kid learns nothing new except completing homework and revising what is taught in class?

Learning should be fun, so why not embrace something different.

Subjects: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English and General Development
Classes: 5th and 6th CBSE

Located in a clean and safe neighborhood.

I go out of my way to make sure my students are comfortable during classes.

What I do:

Middle School is one of the most important periods in a student’s life. What has been taught in the previous classes will now be further enhanced in order to prepare them for High School.
This is also the most vulnerable period – if your child misses out on the basics at this time, then it becomes very difficult to grasp concepts in higher classes.

I always interact as a friend and not as a ‘teacher’, thereby creating a very relaxed environment for the students

2 hours of fun filled learning in the below format to aid all round development of your child:

CLASS 5: SUNDAY & TUESDAY – 7PM TO 9PM (Boys and Girls)
CLASS 6: MONDAY & WEDNESDAY – 7PM TO 9PM (Boys and Girls)

1. Homework completion
2. Preparation for tests and exams
3. Explanation of difficult topics by relating them to examples which are much easier to understand (non traditional approach)
4. Summary of next lesson to be taught in class so that children can answer questions with confidence.
5. Knowledge about book topics from external interactive sources such as article printouts, websites and videos.

THURSDAY: Combined for CLASS 5 and CLASS 6
• Mind exercises to help improve current learning abilities.
• PUBLIC SPEAKING – one of the biggest problems our children face.

Activities such as self-introduction, learning the importance of time, assuming leadership roles by taking charge of sessions will be encouraged throughout.

About myself:

I am an ex-student of International Indian School Riyadh, Boys Section – CBSE board. Now married and stay with my wife and daughter.

Naturally good with kids – experience in teaching them for many years with positive and verifiable results. Have taught kids from different Indian schools in Riyadh and also helped adult students prepare for TOEFL and ESOL Examinations conducted by the British Council and University of Cambridge.

Worked as HR Trainer, as such I have experience in dealing with people from diverse backgrounds in a single group.

I had taken a break from teaching due to office timings, looking to start again as my working hours have changed.

Be sure that you will see positive changes in your child in the first few days itself. You will notice that they will:
1. gain more knowledge (school and general knowledge)
2. be much more persuasive in discussing different topics
3. have greater confidence when speaking to guests or people from outside of home

Please keep in mind that such learning will help your child develop even after school as it is not just limited to book knowledge.

Subjects: Mathematics, Social Studies, English and General Development
Classes: 5th and 6th CBSE

Why not give it a go and see your child stand out from the rest of the class?

Please feel free to call on 0567 513 443 or Whatsapp +966 567 513 443 if you have any questions

Location: Hafsa Bint Umar Street, Next to Innova Pharmacy, near Rawdah Park, Rawdah