Worked for johnsons & johnsons promo for 1.5 years
Worked for Activia promo
Worked for carefree promo
Worked for hair products promo
Worked for Suzuki event
Worked for kotex promo
Worked for Ramadan events
Worked for OSN as a Sales Representative for 2 years
Worked for swiss image (Ruyan) for 3 months.

Good customer interactions (Greeting, assisting.. etc)
Computer Skills: Excel, PowerPoint, Word.

Personal Skills: Good communication skills, excellent in Social relationships.
Ability to work under pressure individually and as a part of a team.
Perfect in Arabic and English speaking and writing.
Well known about the group mission, my manager’s targets and needs.
Solving problems and helping the customers.
Good with paper works.

Kindly use whatsapp or email to contact me 33436446