Manyaman Buro" is a Filipino dish consisting of cooked rice and raw filleted fish or shrimp fermented with salt around a week till 3 weeks. Once fermented it is cooked so it's ready to eat, a very delicious Dip for either steamed, fried or grilled - fish and steamed, fried or grilled vegetables. It is commonly called Kapampangan's best but also loved by Ilocano's, Pangasinence's, Bisayan's and even Tagalog speaking groups. It is available at the following Pinoy Stores in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Aleppo in Sulaymania; in Al Batha it is found in the chilled vegetables section of : Nesto, Saj and Makkha Hypermarkets and Estern Supermarket. For wholesalers or bulk orders (at least 10 jars of 300gms) call 0532447215 or message/WhatsApp us at: