Dr Praveen kumar MD, DM, Best Cardiologist in Kurnool

Dr Praveen kumar is the best interventional cardiologist in Kurnool among the numerous cardiologists. Dr Praveen kumar started his own clinic Aadhya heart care where providing his services as cardiologist. He provides his services in the morning and evening. Dr Praveen kumar has a most advanced lab facility, which provides ECG, TMT and angiogram is done at more competitive prices with the best standards Kurnool. Dr Praveen kumar treats all heart and blood pressure issues as ainterventional cardiologist and he is friendly, maintains good relation which made him more popular heart specialist in the town.
Dr Praveen Address:
Aadhya Heart care
Shop No 1&2, BNG Complex,
Old Andhra Bank Building,
Near King Market Road,
Phone: 8332835078
mail ID: [email protected]