Children Education Enrichment Programs for Singapore Preschoolers

Camelot Learning Centre provide an enrichment classes in Singapore that meets the individual needs of the children in our care, as well as the needs of the family.

We aim to provide age appropriate courses and programmes to assist in preparing the child for preschool. We will accomplish this by providing a stimulating environment where each child can actively participate in physical, social/emotional, cognitive and creative experiences and in so doing, to promote their independence and self-confidence.

Our Curriculum Covers:

1. Core Programmes

For Weekdays

• Montessori (For 2yo, N1-N2, K1-K2)
• Chinese Enrichment (For 2yo, N1-N2, K1-K2)
• Outdoor Learning (For 2yo, N1-N2, K1-K2)
• Junior Public Speaking (For K1 – K2)

For Weekends

• Public Speaking (For 5 years old to 12 years old)
• Chinese Enrichment

2. WorkShop

• Public Speaking & Debate (For 13 to 18years old) – TBC
• Young Aviator (For 5 to 12years old)

We believe that learning should be fun, challenging and encourage growth while allowing children to develop at their own pace.