Knowledge of Rammal (Horoscope)


Horoscope – Ilm-e-Rammul Reports can tell about: Birth Conditions, Romance Compatibility, Past Life, Forecast, Relocation
How Ilm-e-Rammul can help us! Ilm-e-Rammul can be used on many levels and in many areas of life:

◦It can be used to help us create our life’s path; to know what career, profession, training, fits us best and what are the consequences of the alternates.
◦Having a Personal Birth Report helps to understand who we are on a personal/spiritual level.
◦A Past Life report and an Insight Report can help us again understanding of existing problem and situations.
◦A Compatibility Relationship Report helps in understanding those around us in relationship, friendship and work.
◦Report can also show us which places in the world would be most harmonious to live and succeed in.
◦Guides us about immediate problems and their solutions.
◦Ilm-e-Rammull guides us about the nature of problem, since when it started? How long will it persist? Is it natural or self created?