47 - Looking for decent life partner

Salam, I am very well settled in the US Chicago region, widowed with two daughters 15 and 9. I am also constructing a house in Karachi.
Looking for an attractive slim or petite lady 5.3 tall to 5.7, sunni, who is good with deen, family values, healthy eating.. She is a manifestation of the Quran, i.e., uses this book to connect with Allah and to seek his guidance.
Please contact me directly with your picture(s) (full pic without much makeup preferred, I will reciprocate the favor). We will involve families once we are able to connect. I will be in Karachi this January for around 3 weeks so perhaps I can meet you along with my kids.
I am healthy, fit, slim, 5.8 tall. I have a passion for study of deen, Quran and taking best care of the body that Allah has gifted me in this life. I am fluent in speaking Enghlish and want to do the same in Arabic. I am generally not into birthday parties and useless gatherings and calibrations. We have been given limited time which should be utilized wisely. By profession I am in IT/Engineering, real-estate and some other side gigs.
WhatsApp: 6303629071