Un-married Pakistani aged till 34 professionally educated and nicely placed in Kuwait or UAE or Oman or Bahrain or UK apply to wed lady doctor aged 30 employed as Assistant Registrar appointed through Kuwait Service Commission and working at leading government hospital. Please remember that (a) Shia + (b) be namazi + (c) smoker not acceptable + (d) No dowry in cash or kind will be given (e) Wedding in Lahore. Please tell me your (f) location + (g) age + (h) education + (i) job title + (j) employer name + (k) salary + (l) height + (m) weight + (n) natural photos not studio made up ones + (o) whatsApp (p) mother language + (q) city in Pakistan + (r) education and profession of your siblings (s) education and profession of your and parents (t) only compatible from educated families to apply with full details as spelled out here + (u) Keep smiling (v) Please send your profile to (w) Email: [email protected]