COVID-19: Telehealth Billing Services for Physicians

The whole country is in a state of emergency as the number of patients with COVID-19 grow each day. New York and New Jersey have their frontline warriors – healthcare teams – deployed to full effect. Also, the White House Coronavirus Task Force has asked hospitals to share tested data in their in-house labs with State and Federal agencies.

Amidst the chaos that has surrounded us, Telehealth approach is a ray of hope for continued fiscal adherences. Now doctors can get online; talk to their patients; leave texts; and suggest appropriate remedies. It is a whole new area that has much potential to counter the threat of coronavirus pandemic. Prescriptions by making use of telemedicine against mental health problems; rashes and burns; cuts and bruises; and migraines or prolonged headaches show reasonable promise.

P3’s part is to ease those painless sessions when the country suffers for providers to enjoy a hiccup-free collection flow. While we take care of the formalities; you can free America of COVID-19. In anticipation of an avid working relationship, please check our medical billing services page here

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