Full Automatic Commercial Natural Gas Popcorn Machine

Advantages of choosing Longze Full automatic commercial natural gas popcorn machine

1. We provide the American corn in short supply. Long term cooperation with import and export trading companies, tight supply of corn to your hands, absolute first-hand supply, thus reducing costs.

2. We provide different flavors of formula. You can save more time by avoiding the detour of exploring different tastes.

3. We provide technical support. The ready-made manufacturing process, hand teaching, so as to save more time.

4. We suggest different packing methods. Constantly explore out the way of packaging, triangle bag, barreled, you can choose a suitable one for you.

How many flavors of popcorn can be taught by Longze machine

Longze machinery not only supplies equipment, but also teaches the technical formula of popcorn: American popcorn has a unique taste, the acrid taste of Alishan mustard, hand mixing, falling in love with the mustard flavor popcorn that fully induces buds, holding popcorn and wonderful movies.

Soft, delicate and delicious seaweed, slowly melting on white popcorn, adding in two, is full of Japanese flavor, with salty taste of seaweed popcorn, spherical popcorn machine equipment, is also a good taste. Popcorn with a little salty taste in the sweet, with a light aroma of corn, electric popcorn machine model, spherical popcorn machine model, eating is a sense of satisfaction, spherical popcorn machine price, for you like traditional taste.
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