32 - Seeking hyderabadi Bride - born in UAE/KSA/Qatar


Working professional and a practicing Muslim Alhamdulillah; with family roots hailed from Hyderabad India (Born & brought up in hyderabad India).

Looking for a bride for second marriage with indian nationality, as previous ended within 15days (details will be provided). Our son Lives in USA and working at reputed company on H1-B visa. Alhamdulillah offer 5times obligatory Salah, absorbs all Islamic norms and always try to refrain from biddah. Masha’Allah, adhere great worldly and Islamic knowledge.

Masha’Allah below are few physical attributes & background of Groom:

Age: 32 yrs
Nationality: Indian
Salary: $115,000/- annually
Appreance: Normal body (physically fit)
Height: 5.7”
Education: Masters in USA
Status: holds H1-B visa (Greencard under processing)

Bride’s preferences desired:

KSA or UAE or Qatar Born with indian citizenship and professionally qualified. Should & must absorbs all the Islamic norms and refrains biddah.

Jazakallah khair for viewing my profile. May Allah SWT make it easy for everyone finding suitable alliance. Aameen !