I will write cv, resume, cover letter that gets you hired

☛ Rewrite Professional Resume = 30 SAR (Max 2 pages, 1 Revision free, Delivery 3 days)
☛ New Professional Resume = - 60 SAR (Max 2 pages, 2 Revision free, Delivery 4 days)
☛ New Professional Resume and Cover Letter = 80 SAR (Max 3 pages, 2 Revision free, Delivery 5 days)
☛ For each extra page additional 20 SAR will be charged

Are you looking to start your dream career?
Are you not sure how to begin your journey?
It all starts with the perfect CV and cover letter!

Hiring managers don’t even bother reading most resumes that cross their desks. By letting me help you, I will:

✅Give you a unique introduction/ bio that makes sure your CV gets read
✅Make sure the grammar and syntax on your CV/ resume is beyond reproach
✅Use ATS keywords that will also catch the reader’s eye
✅Showcase your experience and accomplishments in the best possible way, and help you present yourself as an achiever

After working for over eight years as a recruiter with one of the industry leaders, I have the ability to guide you throughout this journey. Let me assist you with your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile and help you land that interview!

Your CV will stand out, and your cover letter will leave the hiring manager wanting to know more about you. Your LinkedIn profile will perfectly complement your resume and cover letter. Showcase all of your skills and accomplishments, your dream job is waiting for you!

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