Milkmor owned by Astha Dairy Farm offers doorstep delivery of fresh dairy products across the city of Ahmedabad. Freshness, quality and timeliness of their daily delivery service makes the best dairy product supplier in the state of Gujarat. Milkmor uses state of the art technology to milk healthy cows. Milk is pumped directly in coolers that control the bacteria growth in the milk. Milkmor delivers milk that is not touched previously by any hand or human being. Milkmor premium product range presently includes Milk, Ghee, Paneer, Shrikhand and Buttermilk.
The motto of Milkmor is to deliver untouched milk within a few hours of its milking process to end users without any compromise on quality. They serve Pure A2 quality milk. Milkmor supplies cow milk only.
As Milkmor only serves farm fresh products, they do not contain any kind of preservatives. Consumers can choose to boil or drink Milkmor milk directly upon delivery. Milkmor products can be ordered online on their official website or offline via phone call.
If you too want fresh Pure A2 cow milk or any of the above mentioned dairy products from Milkmore, place your order now.
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