24th Study In Malaysia Virtual LIVE Event

24th Virtual Live Open invitation for all prospective students/working professionals keen to explore potential higher educational opportunities in Malaysia.

Date: Mon, 31st Aug 2020

Time: 07:30 PM (GMT+03)

Attendance Fee: Complimentary

Pre-Registration Link:


Salient Features:
- Academic Assessment & On-Spot Expert Advice

- Foundation, Bachelor's & Master's Degree Programs in all major fields with up to 30% Academic Excellence Scholarship for the complete duration of Study Program

- Blended Learning Ph.D via Research Mode

- Comprehensive Admission, Student Visa & Pre/Post Arrival Services

General Inquires:

E: [email protected]

FB: www.facebook.com/mkhconsultancy

W: +966 594 362 764

WhatsApp Group:

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