Advantage Of STEM MBA Programs In United States America USA

International MBA students studying on an F1 visa in the USA gain access to the American job market through the OPT or the Optional Practical Training. OPT allows international students temporary employment of up to 12 months in the USA buying them time for applying to the lottery-based H1B visa – that holds the fate of thousands of international professionals to ransom every year.
With a seemingly anti-immigrant political sentiment in the US, and tightening of the H1B visa norms, finding jobs has become increasingly challenging. In this glum scenario, b-schools offering a STEM designation for their MBA programs bring tremendous hope for international applicants. STEM designations were traditionally granted to academic programs focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. These programs are allowed a 24-month extension to the OPT, thus allowing students a 3-year stay in the US without needing the H1B visa.
So, how do MBA and STEM degrees work together? Which are the b-schools which have started offering the STEM MBA. Read more here.
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