Financial Analyst Certification Program

Financial Analyst Training Program [FATP] is Flagship Program of RVM Finishing School of Finance spread over 3 months and 12 courses with placement support across India.
FATP Program “motto” is to bridge the gap between Industries and Academics. You will learn to perform Financial Analysis and Forecasting by means of Financial Modelling & Equity Valuation, Manage Risk using Derivatives, Insight into Bonds & Mutual Funds, Learn the art of Data Visualization using Excel, PowerPoint & Visual Writing, Work on live Financial & Economy databases (provided by RBI, IMF, FRED, OCED ) and Track Indian & Global Financial Markets (NSE, BSE, NASDAQ ).
This program is apposite for Professionals or Freshers willing to enter Financial Research domain like Investment Banking, Equity Research, Derivatives, Credit Research, Corporate Finance & Financial Market.