NPK Compound Fertilizer Special Equipment

NPK fertilizer production line ( is a special equipment for the production of compound fertilizer, which has high effective components and many kinds of nutrients; few by-components, little adverse effect on soil; low production cost; good physical properties. Compound fertilizer has brought a lot of benefits for agricultural planting, and through some effective and scientific fertilization methods, the soil fertility and crop nutrition absorption have been greatly improved.

On the other hand, the compound fertilizer production line also has some disadvantages. The proportion of nutrients in fertilizer is fixed, so it is difficult to meet the different needs of various soils and crops. It is often necessary to supplement and adjust with simple fertilizer. This requires us to use other fertilizers to make up for our own shortcomings, and achieve the purpose of maximizing nutrition by mixing with other fertilizers. In fertilizer processing, organic fertilizer can also be added to the raw materials, and then granulated with a rotary drum granulator ( to supplement the deficiency of NPK inorganic fertilizer.

As a fertilizer manufacturer, we should take a long-term view. Our factory strives to develop new fertilizer equipment, provide NPK fertilizer granulator (, contribute to the output of high-quality fertilizer, and seek new prospects for agricultural ecological balance.
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