Best Cultures And Living In Auckland New Zealand

People with rising job opportunities and leisure activities create a balanced and indigenous lifestyle, of cultures and living in New Zealand. Influenced with western culture with the mixture of two sets of communities of Maori and multi-ethnic migrate of British colonization of New Zealand. More than 90 percent of the population lives on the North Island part which is a country capital called Wellington. The country posses with an extensive range of hills, farmlands, mountains, glaciers, rivers, and harbours areas that make it the perfect framework for leisure and lifestyle.

With the multicultural country, the people here have a welcoming culture towards each other and the other people followed by other social groups. Majorly NZ is a place of 5 sets of people including, Maori, New Zealand European, Chinese, Samoan and Indians. The country has progressively moved towards a healthy culture and living in Auckland, with its theatre and fun activities followed by the different groups of people.

As the land covers the diverse population coming from different socio-economic groups, the religion that is followed other than Christianity is Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism as well as Ringatū and Rātana. As New Zealand has been the former British colony, English is majorly spoken by the 98% of people there. Maori is also being spoken within the group of the Maori community.

So with the vast culture and living, it is not false to say that New Zealand has its diversity in culture and living.


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